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about & contact

about tiny marketing


we love small projects with a big impact

hey there! 👋 we’re here to get your tiny tasks done so you can focus on the big goal.
tiny marketing co. helps drive your lead and demand generation efforts. we ♡ working with tech startups, nonprofits, other small agencies, indie makers and nice humans.

our philosophy

marketing has undergone a rebranding as storytelling in recent years, in an effort to forge stronger emotional bonds between brands and consumers. and while it's easy to think of marketing as "selling," (which it is) that's not where it ends.
everyone needs marketing. and, i would argue, the smaller you are, the more you're in need. we associate product categories with the biggest players in the field, but familiarity breeds contempt. people are searching for the disruptors, the innovators, the changemakers.
if that's you, chances are, your story of social good isn't a gimmick. it's why you started building something outside of the mainstream.

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